Colour By Dena

Colour Analysis

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt you needed brightening up? are you trapped in black and would you love to wear colour but confused how to do it?

I can help by looking at the way your skin, eye and hair colour work together I can advise you on colours that are in your personal palette and how to wear them so that you look younger, healthier and feel fabulous.

You will take away your personalised colour wallet to keep in your handbag to make shopping much easier and save you money.

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: £130 including your personalised leather wallet of colour swatches

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Style and Image Consultation

Do you want to know what styles flatter and suit your body shape, would you like to bring out your personality in the clothes you wear, do you want to be more authentic to yourself?

Then a Style consultation will help you, I consider your body shape, personality, lifestyle, height, scale, proportions and budget, give advice on hairstyle and glasses based on your face shape. You will then be able to select clothes and accessories which flatter your shape, make you look great and feel fantastic and help you to shop easily, and effortlessly.

Duration: 2 hour consultation

Cost: £130 including your personalised workbook which will contain all your ‘rules’

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