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Your Home

Your home is an extension of who you are, and says so much about you!

It is your support, your sanctuary and your safe place, it could be a home that you share with others or your family, or it could be a home for just you.

Whatever your home is to you, it is important that it supports you in your life and feels and looks like a beautiful place to live.

Your home reflects who you are and how you are feeling... do you have a lot of clutter? This can reflect a full mind with no space to think or a full life with no space for you!

Is your house void of colour? Can reflect, do you need more colour and happiness in your life?

Do you have a lot of grey? are you feeling a bit grey?

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Colour has a massive impact on your life, and can support you both physically and emotionally, so bringing the right colours in to your home can have positive effect on you and how you are feeling.


For example, when we see anything green we subconsciously take a bigger breath and expand our lungs, green brings down our heart rate and can decrease our blood pressure, and green can create feelings of balance and harmony, just think about when you have been for a walk in nature how calm and relaxed you feel.

You can add green to your environment by bringing in plants or accessories, for example cushions, lampshades and vases.

So, bringing the colour green into your home can have a calming and relaxing effect.


The opposite colour to green on the spectrum is Red.

Red is an active colour, increasing our blood pressure, raising our heart rate, and speeding up our circulation, our adrenaline is activated by the frequency of red.

Red is the warmest of colours and is related to fire, its warmth give rise to heat so our natural reaction to red is to feel a few degrees warmer.

Red stimulates passion and desire, and it gives us courage to face situations that we may be unable to face, for some people red can feel aggressive and harsh, overwhelming and angry, as a colour it is very challenging and direct!

Red is a stimulant so great when you need to be "doing" instead of creating or analysing, so incorporate a red painting or coloured glass bottles on window ledges.
Red is very striking as an accent colour on one wall but can be overwhelming if applied to all walls.

Feng Shui

Bringing in the principals of Feng Shui into your home can be a great advantage to health, wellbeing and bringing your desires to fruition.

What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China. It teaches how to balance the energies in a given space, be it home, garden or office space, in order to bring in health happiness and good fortune to all inhabiting your home.

Certain sections of your home are connected to specific areas of your life, for example you have a relationships area in your home, a career area, a family area and a health area etc.

There is a total of 9 sections in your home that can be worked on to improve the areas of your life that are connected to these sections.

Career Area

So, for example if you would like to improve or change your career, then the area that represents your career and journey through life in your home will benefit from enhancements.

It can represent new beginnings and new opportunities, as well as how you earn money, it can help your life flow, as does water so images of flowing water scenes can be helpful, do not use stagnant or stormy water scenes as this could play out in your life. Use pictures of flowing rivers or fountains, a ship or a boat coming towards you bringing in abundance.

If you want to change your career then you can place a picture of a bridge over water or winding lanes or foot paths to new beginnings So, place these enhancements in the area and see how your life flows and changes for the better.

Relationship Area

Another example is your relationship area, this is representative of your relationships with your partner, members of your family, friends and work colleagues.

If you want to enhance your relationship with your partner a framed happy couple picture is good to activate the energy, if you are single and want to attract a relationship, take a look at your environment, do you have art or pictures with a one person on do you have ornaments on their own? This will reinforce to your subconscious mind that you are alone, and will attract more of the same!

Generally, it is good to have pairs of ornaments or items in this space, not one as this is isolationist, not three as you may invite a third person into the relationship!

Artwork and Ornaments

Your choice of artwork and ornaments tell the story of your life.

Look at the symbolism of the art that you have in your home.

Displays of single items indicate independence, loneliness and isolation, so place ornaments in pairs to invite unity, harmony and togetherness in life, pictures of battle scenes reflect aggressive behaviour and constant aggressive situations.

Spiky plants can represent spiky relationships!

Single people often surround themselves with pictures of people alone looking dreamy and sad... is this happening to you?

Choose to surround yourself with art and imagery that you love to ensure a smooth flowing harmonious lifestyle, as everything in your home is a mirror and reflection of your current emotional situation.

Home Consultation

So how does the home consultation work?

I come to your home and together we look at where you are in your life and where you would like to be, looking at your goals and aspirations.

By looking at the colours that support your colour personality we begin to create the home that will support you in achieving your goals.

Bringing in the principals of Feng Shui will pin point areas in your home where we can create more harmony so your life flows and you achieve your desires.

I also offer the service of bespoke lampshades, cushions made to your specific design and colour that you choose and therefore compliments the colours in your home.

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I can also source accessories, artwork (including Feng Shui paintings) and ornaments that work perfectly with the colour scheme of your home.

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